Customer Meeting Management

Our customers just take over…

We lose control in the first 10 minutes.

These meetings are taking way too long.

Customer meeting concerns abound. Most of them develop from a common gene pool: the need to master meeting management techniques. Here are six I believe to be critical.

  1. Have a written agenda. A set of Sample Meeting Agendas can be downloaded from the Forms section of our Library.
  2. Align the customer’s expectations about the upcoming meeting. Do this with a description in your homeowner guide, in conversation when you set the appointment, and again as part of the meeting introduction.
  3. Arrive early to set the stage and get focused. Welcome the customer to your territory surrounded by appropriate materials and conditions.
  4. Cover the agenda. Your goal is to address each applicable topic (marking others “n/a”) however you can certainly vary from the sequence on the agenda is circumstances make that appropriate.
  5. Record agreed upon follow up actions–both yours and the home buyer’s–on the agenda. When the customers leave with their copy of your meeting notes you will both have exactly the same information.
  6. Follow up ASAP on each item noted, documenting the end result and when you delivered the response.

These methods, few and simple as they are, demonstrate to home buyers a professionalism that builds trust and confidence. When they see that you know what you are doing they are more likely to relax and let you lead the process.


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